Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton


Sep 21 Fri
Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton7:00 PM
Blue Note Napa
Sep 21 Fri
Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton9:00 PM
Blue Note Napa
Sep 22 Sat
Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton7:00 PM
Blue Note Napa
Sep 22 Sat
Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton9:00 PM
Blue Note Napa

Ms. Lisa Fischer is stepping into the spotlight at last. After four decades of singing background vocals for icons like the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, and her mentor Luther Vandross, she is offering her own humble, heartfelt song, accompanied by her inventive new band, Grand Baton.

The breakout success of the Oscar-winning documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom (2013) altered the course of Lisa’s musical journey. Featuring clips of Lisa’s 1991 Grammy-winning R&B hit “How Can I Ease The Pain” and her legendary duet with Mick Jagger on “Gimme Shelter,” and glowing testimonials from famous colleagues like Sting, Patti Austin, and Chris Botti, the film showcased her virtuosity and vulnerability, earned her a second Grammy award, and left audiences eager to see and hear more. “Ms. Fischer has become the unexpected star of Mr. Neville’s film,” said the New York Times.

In performance, she draws from an eclectic palette of influences, putting her stamp on Led Zeppelin and Little Willie John, recasting rock anthems from her tours with the Stones and Tina Turner. Grand Baton’s organic fusion of African, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean rhythms, psychedelic soul, and progressive rock ignites Lisa’s flexibility.

Ages 8+

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Lisa Fischer

"Lisa Fischer in concert is addictive. Every performance is so enriching, so exciting, so transcendent that you want more. With remarkable vocal range and vocabulary, Fischer can sing soul, jazz, rock, gospel, pop, folk and classical with equal facility and authority.

She often mixes styles in the same song, sometimes in the same vocal line. Her  approach tends to be intimate, artful and almost meditative, accompanied by her interpretive dancing, but she also can cut loose and funk with fierceness and rock with

abandon." (Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 2016)

Ms. Lisa Fischer and her band Grand Baton first set out on tour in 2014, with no product to sell, no recordings or video to help book or promote shows, no t-shirts.

Despite all that, based on Lisa's reputation alone, they were invited to play in clubs, at  the Newport and Monterey Jazz Festivals, and at concert halls all over the globe, winning accolades from critics, devotion from fans, and -- always - invitations to return, soon. Their music is an organic gumbo of progressive rock, psychedelic soul, and African, Middle Eastern, Caribbean rhythms and classical influences. In performance, they re-invent songs by Led Zeppelin, Amy Grant, Little Willie John, and The Rolling Stones as well as Lisa's originals. After decades bringing raw soul to the stage for The Rolling Stones, Sting, Tina Turner and Nine Inch Nails, Lisa is emerging as the most inventive and heartfelt interpreter of classic rock songs working today.

Lisa won her first Grammy for "How Can I Ease The Pain," from her 1991 album So Intense. With a hit song on the radio and a Grammy win, a major solo tour seemed inevitable, but Lisa was on the road, backing either her beloved mentor Luther Vandross or The Rolling Stones. Lisa was a legend in the music industry; everybody loved her sound. But she never put her own band together, never toured under her own name. Now, after years of supporting other artists, electrifying the world's largest arenas with the power of her voice, Ms. Lisa Fischer has finally taken center stage.

The Oscar-winning 2013 documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom changed the course of Lisa's musical journey. Featuring clips of Lisa's legendary duet with Mick Jagger on "Gimme Shelter" and glowing testimonials from famous colleagues, the film showcased her virtuosity and vulnerability, earned her a second Grammy, and left audiences eager to see and hear more. "Ms. Fischer has become the unexpected star of Mr. Neville's film," said the New York Times.


Now Lisa is exploring new territory. She is featured on new projects by Lang Lang, Yo-Yo Ma, Billy Childs, and recently collaborated with the Alonzo LINES Ballet.

On tour with Grand Baton, Lisa continues to inspire rave reviews from


• She brought down the house in the single best show I've seen in the many years

I’ve visited Birdland." (The New York Times)

• “Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and bask in the raw talent of an

artist...a powerhouse with a monumental range.” - Daily Star

• "astonishing range, perfect intonation, mastery of the stage. Her glamor


ous-girl-next-door quality makes fans all over the world think she's their own secret

discovery." (Broadway World)


• "I think she's a freak of nature, so incredibly versatile, so talented." - Chris Botti

• "That's a powerhouse voice. I think of her as a star. She's a star," - Sting

• "a great entertainer" - Patti Austin

• "Lisa's as powerful as the rest of the guys put together. She has an amazing

power, energy, and projection. She really kills it. - Keith Richards

and fans:

• Lisa, you were incredible. From the first note you uttered to the last, you held us

in your spell. Thank you for stepping out into the spotlight and sharing your gift with us.

(Wendy Haecker, June 13, 2016)

• Absolutely mesmerizing, a phenomenal show. You are truly a once in a millennium talent and such a lovely human being (Tekneshia Beauford, June 6, 2016)

• Still reeling from the performance you and your band created last night. I am inspired beyond words. You have altered my path and I am so grateful. (Michelle Sellars, June 1, 2016)

• Two days later and I am still hearing and feeling where you all took us that evening... still inside the music you made.... thanks (Robert Downes, May 22, 2016)

• Hypnotic and passionate, thank you for an amazing evening (GayleWelsh, May 22, 2016)

• Concert of the Year! Thanks for an evening of amazing musical wholeness. My friends in London have been notified to run and get tickets! (Kristian Valentiner, May 13,


• Worth traveling the world. Any venue, any city, any time... (Cornelius Loewenstein, May 13, 2016)