Midnight Crush

The original members of Midnight Crush started together as a garage band at the Napa School of Music in the Fall of 2016. Their enjoyment of playing together led them to establish their own independent band.
As happens in many bands, Midnight Crush went through some changes in the Spring of 2018, maintaining three of the original members - Mike Chin (lead guitar and vocals), Vince DeGuilio (drums) and Andy Waechter (guitar and vocals) and adding three others - Carrie Johanson (lead vocals), Rob Monaghan (bass) and Linda Waechter (keyboard).
We come from a varied and lengthy background of musical experience which allows us to share with you our love for several genres of music (rock, blues, country, pop and funk), but as a cover band our main goal is to see you tapping your feet and get you up and dancing!
We are enjoying the blend of our musical interests and personalities, growing into a strong cover band and performing for you!